Prince Holding Group

Chairman Chen Zhi

Neak Oknha Chen Zhi is the Chairman of Prince Holding Group. As chairman, Chen Zhi’s vision and leadership have transformed Prince Group into a leading business group in Cambodia that adheres to international standards, invests in the future of the Kingdom and is committed to sustainable business practices guided by ESG principles.

In Cambodia, Chen Zhi has expanded Prince Group’s business operations to encompass various sectors, such as real estate development, banking, finance and consumer services.

A respected entrepreneur and renowned philanthropist within the Cambodian business community, Chen Zhi actively engages in helping Cambodian communities through various activities by Prince Group’s charitable arm, Prince Foundation.

One key initiative is the launch of the Chen Zhi Scholarship, an annual bursary scheme in conjunction with Cambodia’s Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport that offers comprehensive scholarships, stipends, internship and work opportunities to 400 Cambodian university students over a period of seven years.